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500 kids served
Reading, Tutoring, Art
Character/Spiritual Development
Feeding program

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500 kids served
Field trips, recreation
Character & spiritual formation
Feeding program

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Over 15 Student Mentors served
Job skills training
College prep
Public speaking

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To serve over 150 children
Feeding btw. home & School
Pay tuition & Fees
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Some Facts to Consider About Liberia

Of The Population Is
Under Age Of 20
Primary School Age Children
Out of School
Lives On Less Than

About Us

The Center for Leadership Development Initiative, Liberia (CELDI-Liberia) is a children and youth development organization that focuses on the educational, leadership, Christian spiritual, and social developments of underprivileged children and youth from slum communities in Liberia. We seek to provide interventions in education because a “significant number of children drop out of school before finishing primary school and those who do graduate are often promoted to the next grade without the skills and learning needed for continued success. This has resulted in high rates of underachievement, low self-esteem, less interest in education, and high drop-out rates within our target communities.”


We exist to change Liberia … one child at a time by developing children from vulnerable communities, breaking the circle of poverty through education, and raising a new generation of servant leaders who will proactively transform and serve their communities with distinction and the principles of God.


We envisage a new generation of proactive servant-leaders with the commitment to develop others, build stronger communities, cultivate a quality educational system, and create a culture of academic excellence among underprivileged children.


To improve the quality of education, leadership development, and girl’s independence of underprivileged children and youth who attend our after-school, summer camp and student mentor programs, building their capacities to improve their chances of continuous development as they transition from one stage of live to the other.

CELDI Core Values


Nurturing hope in vulnerable children


Sharing Christ's Love with the underprivileged


Developing children into disciplined leaders  


Breaking the circle of poverty through education 


Daring to raise up a new generation of servant leaders


"It is not what I earn but what I learn. I joined CELDI in September 2016, as a student mentor with no job experience. Few months later, a relative of mine encouraged me to serve as a bartender for $100 a month. I weighed the offer and the skills that I would acquire at CELDI and made the decision to work as a student mentor. Today, I am proud to say that I am acquiring a lot of skills that are currently helping me. I am participating in essay writing and speech competitions, I am able to develop my own lessons for kids, and have improved my computer skills. I am thankful to God that I made the right choice. CELDI is wonderful and I hope to serve it for as long as it exists.”


Student Mentor

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Meet the Team

A team of committed Staff and volunteers who are making great sacrifices towards changing Liberia one child at a time.

Rev. E. Alfred Walker

Founder/Executive Director
He holds a master’s degree from the Princeton Theological Seminary. He is the Resident Pastor at Trumpet of Praise Tabernacle (PCAF), Monrovia, Liberia and the National President of the Youth Body of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith (PCAF-Int'l Liberia Diocese). He is passionate about education and leadership development for children and young people. His passion for these has got him involved in several initiatives for children and youth in Liberia and the USA.

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