High School Chapter

High School Mentorship Program

  1. Servant-Leadership development, mentoring youths to encourage diversity of thoughts, create a culture of trust, and have selfless minds.
  2. Civic & Voters' Education, acquainting young electorates with the basic concepts of democracy and the role of elections in democracy and governance; stressing the importance of one's vote.
  3. Youth Priority Development Summit, gathering youths once every year to plan and develop problem-solving strategies for their future, communities, and country.

Program Impact: served over 150 youths

This chapter is implemented through cohorts (the Thinkers and Planners), seminars, and summits . The Thinkers’ Cohort meets in August every year  for three (3) days in a brainstorming seminar on critical leadership, educational, and other local and national issues and the Planners Cohort meets in February (at the Youth Priority Development Summit) every year for three (3) days. In the Summit, participants are guided to generate and develop problem-solving strategies for their future, communities, and country.  They are encouraged to begin utilizing the generated ideas right after the summit in their schools, communities, churches, etc.  Also this chapter  will meet once every three months for a day in servant leadership development.  The date will be determined by the cohort. 

Members of the cohorts are recruited from high schools (initially from tend (10) high schools).  The Principals of each selected high school is to recommend ten (10) top and highly intelligent students (six females and four males).  Three of the ten (10) recommended students will provide campus-based leadership at their various schools.  The ten (10) will meet once every month for one hour to get program updates and assignments for the next meeting.

High School Chapter Team

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