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Mentoring Children & Teens

Summer Camp

CELDI runs a Summer Camp program once every year for underprivileged children in Liberia.   This program offers two weeks of Summer Camp activities that include breakfast and lunch, devotion, Christian games, field trips, leadership development, etc.  You can sponsor a child in this program @ $36 per month and a Student Mentor @ $50 per month.  Donate Now

After school Program

The After-school program of CELDI-Liberia is a program that caters to the educational, spiritual, and social needs of underprivileged children from some slum communities in Monrovia, Liberia. This program runs for 10 months every academic year. Since the start of the program in September 2016, it has catered to over 500 children.

To successfully manage and serve the needs of the children, CELDI hired Student Mentors and Camp Counsellors.  The Student Mentors are smart, intelligent, and respectful High School students or graduates who help the Camp Counselors to mentor the children on the campus of CELDI-Liberia and within the communities, after camp hours.

During the  after-school program, we provide quality homework and tutorial assistance, lunch, classes on reading, math, Bible, and arts & crafts.  This program is one-of-the-kind in Liberia and God is using it to raise a new generation of Christian scholars and servant-leaders.


CELDI-Liberia provides one full meal for every child who comes to our after school program every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  As we serve the needs of underprivileged children, the issue of hunger among our target group cannot be ignored.  There are children who go to school hungry every single day.  This is not a choice for them.  They go to school hungry only because their parents cannot afford to get them breakfast or lunch.  

Child Sponsorship

CELDI-Liberia provides sponsorship opportunities for underprivileged children and youth from slum communities. This program is intended to take the beneficiaries from substandard schools to a better one, one that will give them the quality of education they need in order to become a productive and God-fearing citizen for a better future.   Furthermore, we endeavor to meet the following needs (tuition, other fees, backpack, copybooks, text books, uniforms, footwear, lunch at school,  healthcare, and more) in order to help develop the beneficiaries' educational, social, moral, and leadership skills.  Sponsorship is $36 per month and $432 annually Donate Now.

Student Mentorship

CELDI runs a Student Mentorship program for its after school and summer camp.  This program is intended for smart, intelligent, and respectful High School students or graduates.  They are recruited  to mentor our children within the communities and after camp hours.  Also, our mentorship program helps to build the skills of the mentors academically, socially, and morally.  We prepare them for other life skills.  You can sponsor a mentor in this program @ $50 per month.  Donate Now

Elementary & Junior High Chapter Team


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