Mission Trip

Mission - Liberia

A Short-Term Mission Trip
An Opportunity To Serve Kids In Liberia
A missions trip to Liberia will provide you opportunities to do missions in many ways.


Reassuring communities of CELDI-Liberia's commitment to building a primary school for underprivileged kids in Liberia.

Hosting  a pre-Christmas party for 150 underprivileged kids.

Bringing along a care package, backpack, set of copybooks or a toy for a kid.

Why Come to Liberia?

To participate in:
1. CELDI Academy Project
2. Evangelism Opportunities
3. Vision for ministry prospects
4. Tours & shopping




DATE:  Nov. 6-12, 2022

*The estimated cost includes round trip airfare, hotel accommodation, local transportation, and meals. NOT included are visa fees, over-weight baggage charges, etc.

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