Mission Trip

Mission & Vision Trip to Liberia

CELDI is a children and youth development organization that has many partners, donors and friends around the world, especially in the US. In order to solidify its cherished relationships and expand its network, CELDI welcomes its donors, partners and friends with the opportunity to come and experience life in Liberia in different ways, either on a mission or a vision trip.

A vision trip to Liberia provides the opportunity for one to see, feel and hear about the needs of our kids, communities, and how God is using CELDI to make the difference in the lives of over 900 underprivileged kids and youths in Liberia. On the other hand, a mission trip provides the opportunity for people to serve, experience, and impact our kids and communities in different ways as they may be led by their passion or the Holy Spirit—God.

A VISION TRIP to Liberia will provide you with the opportunities for:


  • To provide current sponsors with the opportunity to meet with their sponsored kids.
  • To provide partners and would-be-sponsors the opportunity to meet and interact with kids who are in need of sponsors.
  • To meet and interact with Team-CELDI.

Reassuring Communities:

  • To reassure communities about the love of Christ
  • To reassure communities of CELDI-Liberia's commitment to “Change Liberia one Child at a Time.”
  • To partake in a Gift-sharing Fellowship with underprivileged kids.

A MISSION TRIP to Liberia will provide you with the opportunities to serve our kids and communities in the following ways:

  • Partake in our Youth Priority Development Summit /Conference either as a speaker, group/team leader or participant
  • Lead activities at Camps (Camp Leader)
  • Conduct Teacher Trainings/Workshops at CELDI Academy
  • Conduct Special sessions with Team CELDI on: Leadership, Strategic planning, Team Building, Health Tips, Spiritual Formation, etc.
  • Help with Classroom design and set-up at CELDI Academy
  • Help provide quality education at CELDI Academy (Short-term stay for teaching)
  • Help paint and furnish a Classroom at CELDI Academy
  • Bring construction, educational, or summer camp work-group to Liberia
  • Help with the landscaping at CELDI Academy
  • Help sponsor a kid—help a kid by becoming a sponsor

Some Pictures from Previous Mission Trip

Some Pictures from Previous Mission Trip

Sharing Gifts: To bring along a care package, backpack, set of copybooks, toys for a kid   (s) or electronic gadgets (tablets, laptops, etc.)

Site Seeing:

  • Visit CELDI’s current and future sites of operations and ministry
  • Visit some very beautiful and historical sites in Liberia

Identify with current ministry Needs through:

  • Becoming an Advocate (sharing our stories with your churches, small groups, and your personal network upon your return home)
  • Finding sponsors for needed kids
  • Organizing yearly fundraising events or mission’s trip back to Liberia
  • Identifying with other ministry needs as you are led.

Dates: October – March, Each year

  • October 1 - 31
  • November 1 – 30
  • January 15 - 31
  • February 1 - 28
  • March 1 – 31

Note:  Anyone planning to come on a mission’s trip to Liberia is encouraged to observe the above suggested dates.  These suggestions are based on our knowledge of the weather. Also, our mission trips are planned for any of these months but based on the availability of the team of individuals who intend to come.

Travels Requirements

  • Covid-19 requirements for entry into Liberia
  • Passport
  • Visa (we can help to process “Visa-upon-arrival” for you)
  • Immunizations click for requirements


  • Hotel ($85 - $150 per night)
    1. Good accommodation
    2. Breakfast
    3. Security
    4. Internet
    5. Laundry
    6. Lift/no lift

Local Transportation - The fees for local transportation vary according to the size of the group and the current gas and vehicle rental prices at the time of the trip. For small groups (less than 5 people) the cost will be for gas only. For larger groups the cost will include vehicle rental fees plus gas.


If you are led to come or bring a mission team to Liberia, please contact either of the below persons for more information:

Contact persons in the  USA

Contact person in Liberia

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