Mission Trip

Mission to Liberia

A Short-Term Mission Trip
An Opportunity To Serve Kids and communities In Liberia
A missions trip to Liberia will provide you opportunities to do missions in many ways.



  1. To provide sponsors with the opportunity to meet with their sponsored kids for the first time.
  2. To provide partners and would-be-sponsors the opportunity to meet and interact with kids who are in need of sponsors.

Launch of CELDI:

  1. To partake in the opening program of CELDI Academy
  2. To partake in the Launching of CELDI in Liberia

Reassuring Communities:

  1. To reassure communities of about the love of Christ
  2. To reassure communities of CELDI-Liberia's commitment to "Change Liberia one Child at a Time."
  3. To partake in a Pre-Christmas Party with underprivileged kids.

Sharing Gifts: To bring along a care package, backpack, set of copybooks or a toy for a kid(s).




DATE:  Nov. 4-12, 2022

*The estimated cost includes round trip airfare, hotel accommodation, local transportation, and meals. NOT included are visa fees, over-weight baggage charges, etc.

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