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Welcome to CELDI Academy.

A Christian School of Excellent!

Are you in Liberia and looking for a school of excellence for your child/children? Stop looking! Rush now to CELDI Academy and book a space.

Call +231 777 209062 for more information.

About CELDI Academy

CELDI Academy is a classic Christian School that was established in 2022 to educate underprivileged and privileged children. "From Vision to Reality." Yes! The idea started with a vision in the mind and then it eventually became a reality. After six years of planning, sharing the vision, praying, and fundraising, for the construction of a school that CELDI intended to build, the vision became a reality.

It was in November 2019 when we did the ground-breaking for the construction of the school and on January 28, 2020 we started the actual construction. With the help and support of our partners, in two years' time, the Elementary section of the Academy was up and ready for educating Liberia children.

Our Vision

To offer a safe and positive learning environment in which all parents and students are shown compassion and respect; promoting partnerships within our community to give our students the tools and confidence to achieve their goals and own their future.

Our Mission

To provide a bright and stimulating learning environment that will help every child reach his/her maximum potential in every area of growth.

Core Values

Student-centered Decision,
Strong Relationships,
High Expectations, Responsibility,
Integrity, and Care.

Special Needs for Educational Support

Child Sponsorship

$475 per year

Visual Aids

3 TVs

$285 each

Local Textbooks

250 Sets

$65 per set

Solar System

1 Kit



25 pcs.

$450 per pc

Kid's Tablets

50 pcs.

$45 per pc

Meet Our Team

of Professional Educators

Maachah T. Lockett
Maachah T. Lockett
Aaron L. Flomo
Aaron L. Flomo
Vice Principal, Instructions
Josephine B. Walker
Josephine B. Walker
Business Manager/Registrar
Christiana O. Davies
Christiana O. Davies

CELDI Academy Team

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