Desks for CELDI Academy

We are in need of 60 desks for the upper classes of CELDI Academy as we prepare to open the school in September of 2022. The school which is preparing to cater for over 200 students, will need those desks for the seating of the students, especially, in the upper classes. For the nursery classes, we will need armed-less chairs, tables, mattresses, shelves, teaching aids (TV sets, projectors), etc. We will need 15 tables and 75 armed-less chairs along with the other items to set up 3 classes. Each classroom will take 5 tables and 25 chairs, 5 chairs to a table, along with 4 mattresses, 3 shelves, a projector or a set of TV for teaching aid.


For one desk that will accommodate 3 students $150

To set up a classroom that will accommodate 25 kids $1,500

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