Sponsor a Camp

CELDI-Liberia runs an After-school Program that caters to the educational, spiritual, and social needs of underprivileged children from the slum communities of Fiamah, Matadii, Sinkor, and Old Road. This program runs for 10 months every academic year. Since the start of the program in September 2016, it has cater to over 500 children.

To successfully manage and serve the needs of the children, CELDI hired 25 Student Mentors and 10 Camp Counsellors.  The Student Mentors are smart, intelligent, and respectful High School students who were hired to help the Camp Counsellors to mentor the children on the campus of CELDI-Liberia and within the communities, after camp hours.

During CELDI-Liberia's after-school program, we provide quality homework and tutorial assistance, one healthy meal, between school and home, classes on reading and phonics, Bible, character, and leadership development.  This program is one of the kind in Liberia and God is using it to raise a new generation of Christian scholars and servant-leaders in Liberia.

It costs CELDI-Liberia $12,000 to effectively run and manage an After-school program of 75-100 children, every year.

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