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USA Grade Equivalent:   6th Grade

My name is Lorpu. When I grow up, I want to be a Medical Doctor, because I am passionate about serving sick people.

My Day

I wake up, clean dishes and get ready for school. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I attend CELDI’s Afterschool Program organized for struggling children in our community. I spend over 3 hours at the Afterschool Program where I learn good Christian characters; play in afriendly environment with children of different backgrounds. When I leave school or CELDI’sprogram, I get home and help my mother to prepare our family meal. When I’m done eating, I study my lessons, take a late evening bath and go to bed.

My Community

I live in a community that has many poor families. Most of the houses that are used for shelter, are built by zinc, thatches, and mud. The community lacks safe drinking water, electricity, and good health centers. I live with my Parents.

My Prayer

Pray for provision for my education, feeding, and clothing.

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