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USA Grade Equivalent:   4th Grade

My name is Geverline Bellah. When I grow up, I want to be a Medical Doctor, because I want to help save people's lives.

My Day

Fetching water from a creek, sweeping our yard, going to school, and going to CELDI's After-school program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. When I return home, I look after my younger brother while our mother sells in the market to get daily meal for us.

My Community

I live in a swampy community that is surrounded by a mangrove swamp. Many of the people live by catching fish and crabs from the swamp. Children help their parents to set basket or use hook to fish from the same swamp. Not many children are in school due to the poor living condition of their parents. People of this area are from different tribal group who live in peace with each other. Like most poor communities in my country, our community lacks electricity and safe drinking water. During the rainy season, the road that leads to my community overflows with water from the swamp, which makes it impossible to leave or enter our community. I live with my Mother.

My Prayer

Pray for provision of some of my needs: Education, Healthcare, Shelter, and Feeding.

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